Residential updates

  • The Helping Hand mortgage from Vida Homeloans has been designed
    to allow parents to join their child on the mortgage
  • New Free Valuation available on Fee Saver residential mortgage range

BTL updates

  • Reduced 1% fee for smaller loan sizes
  • Free valuation now available on Fee Saver range
  • Quicker and cheaper remortgages with 'No Search Indemnity'



Remortgage is allowed for any legal purpose including; Home Improvements, School Fees, Debt Consolidation, Tax Bills, Deposits for BTL properties, Business purposes (Professional).

Excludes speculative investments, Gambling Debts and purchase of time share

  • Capital & Interest Payment (C&I).
  • Interest Only (IO) up to a maximum 75% LTV.

All applicants must provide 3 years’ address history. UK and EEA applicants must provide at least 2 years’ residential address history in UK. Non EEA Nationals must be resident in the UK the for last 2 years and have a permanent right to reside in the UK.

Crown employees, including members of the diplomatic service working overseas will be considered as a UK resident as well as members of the British armed forces stationed overseas.

A customer with less than 2 years' UK residency is acceptable if applying jointly with another principal customer who:

  • Is a UK or EEA national;
  • Satisfies the UK residency requirements; and
  • Can afford the mortgage based solely on their income. 

The only mortgages that Vida would normally be allowed to remain outstanding are for a second home with the repayment included as a credit commitment or a buy-to-Iet/let to buy property.

Purchase only.  Applications can be considered for the purchase of owner-occupied property, up to a maximum of 100% of the discounted purchase price and restricted to 75% of the open market value. Evidence needs to be provided in the form of a Section 125 Right to Acquire, providing details of the valuation of the property and the discount offered by the public sector entity.

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