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We're increasing Proc Fees!

The advice you provide to your customers is invaluable, and when it comes to a specialist case even more so. As the mortgage lending specialist Vida recognise the extra effort that you put in, which is why we’re increasing our Proc Fees for all our specialist mortgage intermediaries. Thank proc for that!

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*Please refer to your distribution partner for the net procuration fee terms.


What else is new?

Providing brokers with the best possible solutions to their clients’ complex mortgage needs is what drives us at Vida. That's why, in addition to increasing your proc fees, we're going the extra mile to help you support your clients. And that's just the start of what we have planned for you in 2022!


Product Perfection

We've extended our product range from 90 products to over 270, providing you with more options for your clients.

Transparent Tiering

We listened to your feedback and simplified our tiering to make it even easier for you to find the best solution for your specialist clients.

Segmented Sales

We are improving our broker support with a new focused model, so you get the help and access you need when you need it.


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