Residential applications must be in joint names where a customer is in a legally sanctioned relationship (i.e married or in a civil partnership) or if their partner is providing any monies towards the purchase of the property

Joint owners of a property must both be customers on a remortgage unless there is a matrimonial/ partnership split and the property is being remortgaged to buy out one of the owners.

70 at the end of the mortgage term, for all customers

The maximum loan size is £1,500,000

Maximum mortgage term: 40 years (Capital & Interest), 35 years (Interest Only)

4 where all incomes will be considered

21 for all customers

At least one customer must earn a minimum of £15,000 per annum.

C&I loans minimum of 40 years lease remaining. I/O 70 years remaining

The minimum loan size is £25,000

Minimum mortgage term: 5 years

£70,000 for all property types. Ex Local authority flats/maisonettes minimum £80,000 outside London, minimum £200,000 in Greater London up to 80% LTV

The following types of modern construction are acceptable:

  • Panellised Construction Systems Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS).
  • Insulating Concrete Formwork (ICF) also known as Permanent Insulated Formwork.

Subject to:

  • BOPAS accreditation (no other accreditation will be considered) Eligible for standard buildings insurance cover.
  • BPS2020 and UK Agreement certificate preferable for the whole system. 23 Version 1.2 January 2017
  • 60 years minimum design life assessment tested by a British accredited body - British Board of Agreement (BBA) Building Research Establishment (BRE).
Must have an outer skin of brick, block or stone.

Where a property has been altered for multi-occupation it must be converted back to single occupation prior to completion and will be subject to re-inspection and the appropriate fee charged.

Properties that include a granny annexe will be considered acceptable providing there is no adverse comment from the valuer.