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9/8/2020 11:00:00 PM
Wow – what a welcome back to the market!
"Changing mortgages for good is more than just a concept for us; it is the objective we have set ourselves in returning to the market this autumn"
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Louisa Sedgwick
Managing Director - Mortgages

I always enjoy stepping back and taking time to reflect, so that I can learn and improve if I need to. The same applies to my colleagues at Vida; we are a friendly and open bunch, so flexibility is in our nature.

When I look back at the last two weeks and our return to the market, I feel overwhelmed by the response we have received from our intermediary partners. Being out of the market this summer gave us the opportunity to reflect, learn and improve our proposition, especially our service. But hearing the calls coming into our telephone BDM team with real-life cases has brought a warm feeling to my heart as it shows how many people Vida can help find a safe place to call home.

Changing mortgages for good is more than just a concept for us; it is the objective we have set ourselves in returning to the market this autumn. We intend to simplify complexity using technology and develop new market-leading solutions to help more and more people achieve their dreams. We need to work with you in partnership to make sure that it all happens smoothly:

  • When submitting an application, we will let you know exactly what we need to make a customer-specific fully-formed underwriting decision. Please upload what we ask for first time and we can crack on with giving you certainty around your application
  • Use case tracking – it’s real time and it works
  • Look out for our email alerts – they will tell you what’s happening with your customer’s application and if we need anything more

We have also created a page on our website to let you know what documents we need in most scenarios.  Providing this information up front will enable our underwriters to review your case without delay.

It’s really as simple as that; working together feels great and we all benefit in the long run.

Finally, I hope you are enjoying our new look website and that MILO, our AI-driven chatbot, has been able to answer most of your questions.  He is a quick learner and so will improve his range of answers over the coming weeks to help you get the information you need.

Thank you for your continued support in changing mortgages for good. 

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