Louisa Sedgwick product launch press release

"We're committed to developing a simple specialist product range to cater for the complex needs of your clients"

Louisa Sedgwick - Director of Sales - Mortgages


Dear intermediary,

Vida Homeloans has built its specialist mortgage lending business through understanding and responding to your clients’ often complex needs and by making sure that it is as easy as possible for you to deal with Vida. For some time now, you have been telling us that we need to work harder to present our specialist products in a simpler way.

That is why I am delighted to tell you about our product simplification programme, which introduces significant changes to our product range including rate cuts, criteria improvements and a reduction of 50% in the number of product variations, meaning simpler Residential and BTL product ranges.

"This is the most significant product change since we launched 3 years ago."

Please look out for the details of our changes in emails, adverts and press releases over the next few weeks. I know you will be pleased by the improvements we have made. If you can’t wait to see them, do have a look now at our new product rate guides now.

I speak at many industry events, my team of Key Account Managers travels the country in support of our intermediary partners and our telephone BDMs take hundreds of calls a day. We value all the feedback we receive from our intermediary partners as it keeps us on our toes and informs our continuous improvement programme.

With the help of regular research surveys and feedback from you, we are committed to developing products and processes aimed at making specialist mortgages simple.

Thank you for your interest in Vida


Latest changes:

1. Reduced rates across Residential and BTL range

2. New, improved criteria to help even more specialist mortgage customers

3. New, easy to understand product rate guides – download your copy now