What a difference a day makes – or should I say 100 days make

Louisa Sedgwick - Director of Sales - Mortgages

I used to think it was all about margin and that the race to the bottom wasn’t always the best one to win, in particular when it came to pricing specialist mortgage products......READ



3 Months In Specialist Lending: What Have I Learnt?

Mil Consiglio - Key Account Manager Midlands

The specialist lending arena tests anyone’s knowledge. Prior to joining Vida Homeloans I genuinely believed I knew the majority of what’s what in the mortgage world and, somewhat arrogantly, if I didn’t know about it, then it wasn’t worth knowing! How wrong was I?.....READ


It's Different 'Up North' 

Claire Askham - Sales Manager North

As we are getting ready for the festive period, here’s my first blog about the area of the country that I look after - the North - and what I have seen during my first six months with Vida......READ