Changing mortgages for good

Now, more than ever, today’s borrowers need a lender that can react and respond to the financial complexity that we all face. 


Life is never a straight line. At Vida we know that for many ordinary people, life can get a little crazy and doesn’t always play out the way we’d planned. That is why we believe in second chances. Working exclusively with expert intermediary partners, we use behavioural data and cutting-edge technology to simplify complexity and give everyone the help they need to find a safe place to call home. 


Launched in 2016, we’ve learned a lot in four years about what matters to our intermediary partners and their customers. 10,000 mortgages lent and £2 billion securitised, giving us funding to continue lending, shows we understand our business. 


But we want to do more. 2020 has given us the opportunity to make a fresh start, invest in our people and technology and come back to the market with a better proposition that helps more people with a wider range of needs. 

Vida is on a mission to:

Help every person, no matter their circumstances, find a safe place to call home 

Fully understand the challenges faced by Generation Rent, so we can play our part in the UK’s economic recovery. Life doesn’t wait for a mortgage. 


Where home ownership or even rental is not possible, help the homeless by supporting Crisis. 


We are committed to changing mortgages for good.