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Submitting your application

Understand the 4 stages of our application process and know as early as possible whether Vida will be able to lend to your customer.

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We understand that every mortgage lender has its own processes and individual requirements, and we understand it can be very confusing, and at times, frustrating. But, the more we can see at the start of the application, the better it is for you as we will be able to provide a quicker lending decision.

We've broken down the 4 stages of our application process and what documentation we will need to see so that you'll know as early as possible whether Vida will be able to lend to your customer.


Jump to a stage to learn more:

1. Decision in Principle (DIP)
2. Full Mortgage Application
3. Initial Underwriter review
4. Document review and offer


1. Decision in Principle (DIP)

At DIP stage we ask for detailed information so we can establish at this early stage whether we can lend to your customer. Once a DIP has been accepted, we will issue you with a DIP certification with a full list of mandatory documents we need you to upload at Application stage.

Here are some useful additional guides for submitting applications:





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2. Full Mortgage Application


Once the application form has been completed, you will need to upload the required mandatory documents and pay the applicable fee to submit the application. This will give our Underwriters the best possible opportunity to make a quick decision for your customers.

For the best possible customer journey, please ensure the required documents are uploaded right first time.

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3. Initial Underwriter review


Once your documents have been uploaded and submitted, these will be passed on to the Underwriter for their initial review. Please make sure requested documents are uploaded in a suitable format for review to support a quick decision.

Buy to Let valuations will now be instructed as soon as the application is submitted with fees paid. For Residential applications and where choosing a Residential or BTL Fee Saver Product, valuations will be instructed once an underwriter has conducted their initial review.

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4. Document review and offer


Once the valuation has been received, and any additional requested shopping list documents have been received and passed vetting, your application will be referred to the Underwriter for review and preparation for offer.

If the documentation is not uploaded correctly or additional information is needed, we'll drop you a line to explain what else we need to see before progressing the case.

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