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Vida Flex – fix for 5 years, leave after 3 with no ERCs

The events of 2020 have been challenging for all of us and continue to be so. Here at Vida we have taken the opportunity to stand back from the market for a moment, invest in our people and technology and come back with a better proposition that h…

Wow – what a welcome back to the market!

I always enjoy stepping back and taking time to reflect, so that I can learn and improve if I need to. The same applies to my colleagues at Vida; we are a friendly and open bunch, so flexibility is in our nature.

When I look back at the last two weeks…

Meet MILO! - the digital concierge who is ready to help at any stage of the mortgage journey.

Once we had built the natural language processing system – the ‘brains’ of our new chatbot – we saw an opportunity to bring this new technology to life by creating a character we could use to tell our story to intermediari…

How the Funding Skyline has changed within the specialist lending market

May you live in interesting times, so the saying goes. Well, things haven’t been this ‘interesting’ in the mortgage market since the financial crisis back in 2008. If you’d told me we’d have everyone from Lloyds Bankin…

Delivering Quality Service in Difficult Times

Whilst 2020 was always going to be one of those milestone years, I don’t think anyone could have predicted that it was going to go down in history as one of the greatest challenges that every business in almost every sector across…

Vida’s new website – built by you

The events of 2020 have given us the opportunity to make a fresh start, invest in our people and technology and come back to the market with a better proposition that helps more people with a wider range of needs. Our new website is a good exampl…

Vida returns to market to change mortgages for good

Vida has today made a full return to the intermediary mortgage market, celebrating a new start for the specialist lender following its recent successful £350 million securitisation deal in July. The relaunch sees the lender offerin…

Vida – changing mortgages for good!

Now, more than ever, today’s borrowers need a lender that can react and respond to the financial complexity that we all face.

Life is never a straight line. At Vida we know that for many ordinary people, life can get a l…


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